Jeg var ikke alene om at blive blæst bagover, da Andreas Toftemark for et par år siden bragede ind på scenen her hjemme. Hvad i alverden skete der lige der!? Som en anden komet kom han flyvende direkte fra New York, …. hans tekniske overskud og musikalitet afslørede ham som en, der tydeligvis havde formået at udnytte sit årelange ophold i jazzens hovedstad til fulde.  Man fornemmer både Lester Youngs tilbagelænede coolness..og en tidlig Coltranes boppende energi…..Leveret af en ualmindelig tight kvartet…Her tages historien og håndværket seriøst. Og selv om det sine steder klinger meget af fortidens helte… er udtrykket overordnet set både moderne og friskt.

Andreas Toftemark plays with a melodic and harmonic sense that brings hardbop to an improved, bright and contemporary style.

"Puts the saxophonist's flexible and resourceful performance in the spotlight

…Shows respect for American jazz and the essence of modern Scandinavian jazz. A work of high quality that gives you the opportunity to feel Toftemark's rich musical identity.

"subtlety, maturity and playfulness…. characterized by equal amounts of European complexity and American attitude and reflects Toftemark's rich musical identity."

A New York Flight reviews

”Extremely melodic tenor, without being sleek, the tone is bright, warm, and pleasant, without being too sweet........played with astonishing invention, joy, sincerity and playfulness, that goes hand in hand with a high instrumental skillset...This recording is the strongest proof of inspiration and the inexhaustibility of jazz standards!”

”The four musicians make the - original compositions and the standards such as Autumn In New York and I’m A Fool to Want You – swing meanwhile adding an open style with an edge, that gives the listeners pallet true umami”.... The work of this band ”A New York Flight” is a commendable gem”

Belgium review:

Andreas Toftemark picks up the true jazz spirit in a fresh and inventive way, a perfect album. for the cozy club feeling"

"I'm excited and feel like I got a letter from Andreas telling me that jazz is Alive and Well."

”Here are no big musical surprises – just beautiful, thoughtful, honest music that lasts from now until eternity”

“Toftemark is a very elegant saxophonist, here I see his closeness to Lester Young very pronounced, although his tone is a bit stronger... incredibly courageous, full of warmth, gripping and professionally executed”...

"Autumn In New York" is such a beautiful piece..Toftemark adds another, very romantic version, he plays with so much feeling , not only gently, but also with autumn-colored rough passages, that is interpreted very soulfully.”

“"I'm A Fool To Want You".. the protagonist (Toftemark) spontaneously reminds me of John Coltrane...This is an excellent way to end a wonderfully 'old-fashioned' album... Yes, for Denmark it was indeed a stroke of luck that Andreas Toftemark returned there, and for all friends of good jazz music too, of course!

"As fine, contemporary interpreters of the tradition, and with that glimpse of the saxophonist’s compositional prowess, the stage seems well and truly set."

Adrian Pallant (AP Reviews) has reviewed Andreas Toftemark Music new album "A New York Flight"