Upcoming public gigs:


4th A Plane To Catch Kayak Bar

5th Jesper Shierling Trio Marstrand 15-17

6th Jesper Shierling Trio Marstrand 15-17

6th 20-22 A Plane To Catch Studenterhuset

7th 16-18 Monday Night Bigband kongenshave

7th 21-23 Maltas Almost Bigband Christianias Jazz Club

8th 21-23 Monday night Bigband Paradise Jazz

9th 24-04 Jam Host La Fontaine

10th 16 -17 Rolf Thofte 5tet -Gråbrødre Torv

10th 20-22 Rolf Thofte 5tet Søhesten

10th 24-04 Jam Host Lafontaine

11th A plane To Catch Charlie Scotts Cph Jazzfestival

12th 15-17 Shierling Trio Marstrand 

12th 20-22 Foxman/ Toftemark 4 Søhesten

13th 16.30-18.30 A Plane To Catch Jazz & Roots

13th 19-20 Toftemark Group Byhaven

14th 14-16 Anders Maltas Almost Bigband H9

14th 20-22 Andreas Toftemark Quartet Studenterhuset

14th 24-04 La Fontaine Jam Host

16th Aarhus Jazzfestival tba

19 Aarhus Jazzfestival Tba

25th-27th Samsø Jazz Tba

31st A Plane To Catch Anholt


1st A Plane To Catch Anholt TBA

2nd A Plane To Catch Langeland

3rd Toftemark Quartet Østersø Jazz Festival

3rd booked for private evening gig

4th Solskind Østersø jazz Festival

16th Elias Bendix Band Huset i Maghstrædet

17th 18-20 Shierling Trio Marstrand

17th 21 -23 Charlie Scotts Tba

22nd Maltas Almost Bigband Release Christianias Jazz

30th Charlie Scotts Tba

31st Shierling Trio Marstrand

New Single out 15/9/23


Andreas Toftemark is a 33-year-old saxophonist and composer who currently lives in Copenhagen. Andreas has performed regularly on the New York jazz scene and European jazz scene including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, England, Norway, USA, Holland, Italy, France, and Spain; both as a sideman and bandleader.


Education; Andreas holds a BA from The New School of Jazz in New York where he studied with accomplished musicians such as Reggie Workman, Joel Frahm, Eric Alexander, Ben Wendel, and Peter Bernstein to name a few. Furthermore, Andreas has a European jazz Master's degree from Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris. 


Sound; Andreas’ sound is intense but round and clearly reflects the many years he has spent listening to the masters of jazz such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Lester Young, Barry Harris, amongst others. Although Andreas’ style reflects traditional jazz musicians, he has been exploring many genres and has played everything from traditional jazz to bebop, hardbop, Afro-Cuban, folk music, and contemporary Jazz. Furthermore, Andreas doubles on alto-saxophone and Clarinet.



See agenda, or click media for video and sound for more info.

A. Toftemark recives

Bent Jædig Award 2023

New Single out 


New Single out 11/8/23

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2023 

Reviews of my latest album


4/5 stars

"He is an experienced bandleader and inventive soloist. Perhaps this release will gain him some of the recognition he deserves. It is a superior hard-bop style blowing session...

Wisely he fashions his own variations on the melody without reference to classic versions ... This is a superior ballad interpretation."


”Extremely melodic tenor, without being sleek, the tone is bright, warm, and pleasant, without being too sweet........played with astonishing invention, joy, sincerity and playfulness, that goes hand in hand with a high instrumental skillset...This recording is the strongest proof of inspiration and the inexhaustibility of jazz standards!”


"swinging meanwhile adding an open style with an edge, that gives the listeners pallet true umami - a commendable gem”


"Andreas Toftemark picks up the true jazz spirit in a fresh and inventive way, a perfect album. for the cozy club feeling"


"I'm excited and feel like I got a letter from Andreas telling me that jazz is Alive and Well"


”Here are no big musical surprises – just beautiful, thoughtful, honest music that lasts from now until eternity”


“Toftemark is a very elegant saxophonist, here I see his closeness to Lester Young very pronounced... incredibly courageous, full of warmth, gripping and professionally executed”


"As fine, contemporary interpreters of the tradition, and with that glimpse of the saxophonist’s compositional prowess, the stage seems well and truly set"