Amir Bar Akiva Drums,        Tal Klein Keys,        Andreas Toftemark Sax



Mood Trio is a New York based organ trio, That consists of musicians from Israel and Denmark. wierd mix one might say, but the band sounds!

                 Tal, Andreas and Amir met in New York in 2017 they quicly became good friends and started working together, playing arrangements of other composers as well as original compositions, the music is influenced by jazz, pop music, post bop, beat music and soul. And it's through a strong friendship, har work and a great love for good music that the trio finds their common voice, united expression and and the out put that is Mood Trio.


Solomon Gottfried Bass, Guy Moskivich Piano, Malte Arndal Drums, Andreas Toftemark Sax


URCA QUARTET. The band consists of young upcoming musicians on the New York jazz Scene. The members come from Israel, Denmark and U.S. creating a diverse sound that reprecents different parts of the world.  The Band plays new original music, written by the members of the band, and written specificley for this group of people, making the full sound of the band and organic and fluend experience. Contemporary melodic jazz, with lots of space for improvisation and exploration. With everything from verry simple to more complex harmony rhythm and melodic material, this band reflects movments of today while having a strong sence of tradition.


Myles Sloniker Bass, Par Brennan Guitar, Andreas Toftemark Sax

Jazz is played from the heart. You can even live by it. Always love it.

-Louis Armstrong. Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple. - Charles Mingus

B/S/T Trio works with swing music, played from the heart, by creative improvisers with respect for tradition.They will put a smile on your face, make you snap your fingers and tab your feet, set you back in time and fall in love.

The band consists of upcoming musicians on the New York jazz scene.

the band has a lot of experience playing club-gigs, cafe and restaurant gigs and private events.

Focusing on swing, phrasing, melodic playing and interaction the trio gives their own unique view on what swing is about anno 2018!